• USD/CHF 0.98678 11:00 24.10
  • EUR/USD 1.17639 09:00 24.10
  • EUR/USD 1.17638 08:45 24.10
  • AUD/JPY 88.478 08:00 24.10
  • AUD/CHF 0.76735 08:00 24.10
  • USD/SGD 1.36146 08:00 24.10
  • EUR/USD 1.17595 07:45 24.10
  • EUR/USD 1.17493 07:30 24.10
  • EUR/USD 1.17466 07:15 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.556 07:00 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.543 06:45 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.555 06:30 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.535 06:15 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.520 06:00 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.490 05:45 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.443 05:30 24.10
  • AUD/USD 0.78141 23:30 23.10
  • USD/JPY 113.479 22:00 23.10
  • AUD/NZD 1.11926 22:00 23.10
  • USD/JPY 113.435 21:30 23.10
  • GBP/USD 1.31976 21:00 23.10
  • GBP/CHF 1.30079 20:30 23.10
  • SILVER 17.097 20:00 23.10
  • GOLD 1282.435 20:00 23.10
  • LITECOIN 54.426 20:00 23.10
  • BITCOIN 5940.250 20:00 23.10
  • APPLE VS ALPHABET 0.16123 20:00 23.10
  • GBP/USD 1.31976 20:00 23.10
  • CITIGROUP VS JP MORGAN CHASE 0.74027 20:00 23.10
  • AUD/CAD 0.98728 20:00 23.10

What assets can be traded in UDOs?

There are plenty of assets that can be traded online with UDOs. This article will help you gain a bit more understanding on the various asset types and what differentiates them from each other. Understanding the different asset types is vital for your trading.

Index based UDOs    

Indices are one of the most traded UDOs assets. What you need to do when trading with this type of asset is to determine if the price of a stock or share will increase or decrease its value within a certain time limit. There are plenty of stocks and shares to choose from as there are many available stock exchanges.

Which Indices can be traded?              

There is a plethora of stock indices available for trading and you can choose whichever one you like. Among the most commonly traded ones are the Dow Jones, DAX, FTSE100 and of course the NASDAQ.

What are the pluses of index trading?
Perhaps the most major benefit of trading indices with UDOs is that you don`t have to really purchase the stocks, as in a regular stock exchange. Also, there are no additional charges. You don`t have to wait months for the stock price to go up in order to profit. You can just go for a short term option and reap the profit instantly.

Currency and Forex options
Increasingly more traders are engaging in currency pair trades. Some are even using it as their main strategy for trading.

What currency pairs can be traded?
Any two currencies can paired up and traded with. You can decide to trade with the GB Pound and the Euro pair, or go for the Canadian Dollar and Japanese Yen pair. It`s all up to you. It`s always good though, to trade with pairs that are familiar to you. Use all your knowledge to your advantage.

Commodity Assets
Commodities are also a very widely traded asset. Like company stocks, the good thing about commodity UDOs trading is that you don`t need to purchase a kilo of gold in order to profit from its increased value in a month. You simply need to make a forecast about its future value.

What should I know about commodity UDOs?
Oil is a good ex ample for a very widely traded commodity. There is plenty of information and news available about it and good investors manage to make use of it. Same as with other UDOs assets, what you have to do is make a forecast whether the value of oil will reach a certain level within a certain time limit. As we mentioned above, you don`t have to physically buy the asset, you`re only speculating about the movement of its price.

What other commodities can I trade with?
Perhaps the most commonly traded commodities are gold, silver and other precious metals.You can also trade with energy sources, such as natural gas and even agricultural commodities, such as corn and soybeans.

Individual Stock Options
There are many who`ve turnedUDOs stock trading into a secondary source of income, but some have even made it into a fulltime job. How great is that!Be mindful though that trading has its obstacles. There are many fluctuations and factors at play and only the prepared and patient traders make profit in the long-run. As we`ve mentioned a couple of times already, one of the great things about UDOs trading is that it lets you capitalize on the price movements of various assets and there is no need to actually own the asset.A big chunk of all the trading happening daily consists of trading with company stocks and shares.Most of them are big corporations such asToyota, Google, Toshiba and Apple.


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