• USD/CHF 0.98678 11:00 24.10
  • EUR/USD 1.17639 09:00 24.10
  • EUR/USD 1.17638 08:45 24.10
  • AUD/JPY 88.478 08:00 24.10
  • AUD/CHF 0.76735 08:00 24.10
  • USD/SGD 1.36146 08:00 24.10
  • EUR/USD 1.17595 07:45 24.10
  • EUR/USD 1.17493 07:30 24.10
  • EUR/USD 1.17466 07:15 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.556 07:00 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.543 06:45 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.555 06:30 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.535 06:15 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.520 06:00 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.490 05:45 24.10
  • USD/JPY 113.443 05:30 24.10
  • AUD/USD 0.78141 23:30 23.10
  • USD/JPY 113.479 22:00 23.10
  • AUD/NZD 1.11926 22:00 23.10
  • USD/JPY 113.435 21:30 23.10
  • GBP/USD 1.31976 21:00 23.10
  • GBP/CHF 1.30079 20:30 23.10
  • SILVER 17.097 20:00 23.10
  • GOLD 1282.435 20:00 23.10
  • LITECOIN 54.426 20:00 23.10
  • BITCOIN 5940.250 20:00 23.10
  • APPLE VS ALPHABET 0.16123 20:00 23.10
  • GBP/USD 1.31976 20:00 23.10
  • CITIGROUP VS JP MORGAN CHASE 0.74027 20:00 23.10
  • AUD/CAD 0.98728 20:00 23.10

Making Deposits and Withdrawals

Making Deposits and Withdrawals with SRB

We at The SRB GROUP pride ourselves on the customer service, expertise, and reputation that we have earned through our daily interactions with our customers. One of your biggest concerns is the safety of your money and financial transactions- and it’s on the top of our list, too. We take our responsibility and reputation as a financially secure institution to heart- and we believe our procedures reflect that. We have engineered our depositing and withdrawing systems to be as secure as possible, while maintaining the general simplicity you have come to expect from us. UDOs trading is fun, easy, and can be very profitable- but what good is all of that without being able to use your money once you’ve made the profit- or, if you have to make complicated transfers and phone calls to receive it? Let us deal with the tricky transfers and phone calls for you. Profit which cannot be withdrawn- or that which cannot be transferred into usable funds for you- is useless.

We can transfer your money into any currency you would like- it’s safe, fast, and easy to do on your part. We will process your request almost instantly and you’ll be all set to use your well earned money. You can withdraw through any one of our approved methods;

Credit Card

Using your credit card may be one of the most popular options we have- it is highly convenient and easy for all kinds of payments, and can all be done from our platform. This is the most highly recommended method for the same reason. Most popular Debit and Credit cards are accepted. The best reasons for using a credit card are the speed of the transaction as well as the general security- not only on behalf of SRB, but usually, on behalf of the credit card company. We run the system on a secure and stringently private server, for your peace of mind.

Wire Transfer
This method also has its benefits in that it saves you a lot of hassling with payment services, money changing hands, etc. and is significantly more secure than those methods in every way. You can use this method to transfer your funds from your bank account to your SRB platform account, and it never has to leave the hands of secure financial experts to get there. With this service, there may come a charge, depending on the services offered with your account and the policies of your bank. It is recommended that you get in touch with your bank before making a transfer to ensure you understand the terms and rules your particular financial institution has in place.


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