• EUR/USD 1.18804 13:45 24.11
  • EUR/USD 1.18784 13:30 24.11
  • AUD/JPY 84.915 12:15 24.11
  • USD/JPY 111.489 12:15 24.11
  • CAD/JPY 87.592 12:00 24.11
  • AUD/CHF 0.74770 12:00 24.11
  • EUR/CAD 1.50881 12:00 24.11
  • GBP/CHF 1.30675 11:00 24.11
  • AUD/USD 0.76101 10:30 24.11
  • BITCOIN 8205.200 10:00 24.11
  • CAD/JPY 87.435 10:00 24.11
  • EUR/AUD 1.55777 09:00 24.11
  • CAD/JPY 87.521 09:00 24.11
  • AUD/USD 0.76127 09:00 24.11
  • AUD/JPY 84.806 09:00 24.11
  • USD/JPY 111.405 09:00 24.11
  • GBP/USD 1.33239 09:00 24.11
  • USD/RUB 58.401 09:00 24.11
  • GBP/CAD 1.69597 09:00 24.11
  • AUD/CHF 0.74685 09:00 24.11
  • EUR/USD 1.18486 23:30 23.11
  • EUR/GBP 0.89048 19:30 23.11
  • LITECOIN 75.819 19:00 23.11
  • BITCOIN 8130.650 19:00 23.11
  • GOLD 1291.331 16:00 23.11
  • AUD/USD 0.76263 14:30 23.11
  • AUD/JPY 84.854 14:30 23.11
  • NZD/USD 0.68958 12:00 23.11
  • CAD/JPY 87.665 12:00 23.11
  • USD/CAD 1.26799 12:00 23.11


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Why Trade UDOs?

What are UDOs?

What are the different UDOs types?

What tradable assets are there?

What is an “Expiration Rate”?

What should I know about Charts?

Tips for trading 60 Second Options



Binary options trading is a relatively new way for investing in various tradeable assets without the need to physically purchase them. Instead, all you need to do is make a prediction on the future movement of the asset value. There are many who`ve turned UDOs trading into a great source of income and even what might be called a profession. You can also do the same. All you need to do is open an account, make a deposit and you`re set to go.
Increasingly more people are starting to find the great potential that UDOs trading has and are in need of a reputable place where they can focus on trading instead of losing time in small trifles. We feel that our platform is exactly the place they need. All you need to do is open an account and deposit a starting capital.


Why trade UDOs?
There are many great things about UDOs trading. It can be a great source of income while keeping you challenged and entertained. It can be done from home or anywhere with internet connection and it`s really easy to do. Best of all, anyone can do it. There are many assets from all kinds of markets and you can choose whichever one suits you best. If you have some prior knowledge about currencies, then you can use that to your advantage. There is plenty of information available online about all kinds of tradable assets and it`s just a few clicks away.

Plenty of data
You will never find yourself unable to find relevant data. Even if you`re just starting out on your UDOs journey, finding the right information is very easy. And as we know, information is the key to being a successful trader, so you already have to foundation to becoming one yourself.

This bears repeating – trading UDOs is very simple and anyone with an internet connectible device can do it. All you need to do is create an account, deposit some money and you`re set to go. Then you can choose an asset, decide whether the price will go up or down and place your investment.

Quick Return
If you`ve traded FOREX you know how long it can take to know if your efforts have paid off. It can be quite stressing. Luckily, this is not an issue with UDOs trading. It all depends on you. If you choose to trade with shorter expiration options, you will be able to learn the outcome in a matter of hours, minutes or even seconds.


What are the different UDOs types?
UDOs trading is great. It allows you to profit from any subtle changes in the values of various tradable assets. In order to be able to do so however, you need to understand what exactly binary options are. There are some similarities to regular options, but there are also many differences. Return percentages, level of difficulty, fees and charges and the trading process in general. We can say that UDOs are the better option.
Call and put are two of the most fundamental words in UDOs. You invest in a call option, when you think that the asset will reach the strike price within the given time. If you think that the asset value will go down then you invest in a put option. If you went for “call” and the asset expires above the strike price, then you win. The opposite goes for a put option. Another great thing is that you can choose the timeframe for the trade yourself. You can choose as short of a period as 30 seconds and go for as long as months. The possible profit is given before you start the trade.
If all this got you confused, worry not. This example will clear everything up. Let`s start from the beginning of the process. You open an account, deposit money and you`re ready to start trading. You decide that you want to trade with the EUR – USD pair, one of the most traded currency pairs. You put $10 on the trade and choose a time interval of one hour. So what you need to do now is decide whether the value of the EUR – USD pair in one hour, will be higher or lower than the given strike price. If you think that it will be higher, then you select Call. If you think that it will be lower, then you select Put. In the end, depending on the outcome, you either profit or lose. This principle applies to all UDOs trades, no matter the asset or timeframe. The foundation is the same.


What types of UDOs are there?
There are three different types of UDOs available for trading. Each type differs from the others in regards to return potential, level of risk and other details. In this article, we are going to give you a short description of each type and explain how to choose the one that suits your needs best. Different types of trades can have better results with different types of options.

Range Option
When trading with a range type of option, your goal is to predict whether the value of the underlying asset will be inside a certain range, as the name suggests. It`s as simple as it sounds. Let`s take the EUR – USD pair for example. Imagine a situation where you are given the range 1.08 – 1.12 and you choose a timeframe of one week. So what you need to do is decide whether in one week the exchange rate of the pair will be inside or outside of this range.

Touch Option
This type is a somewhat newer addition to UDOs trading and it shares some similarities with Forex. It`s also a good choice for beginners, because it`s very simple and straightforward.
Simply put, the touch part refers to the underlying asset “touching” or reaching a certain agreed upon price, within a certain time frame. It doesn`t really have to stay at that level or go beyond it, it simply has to reach it, even if briefly. If you chose that the asset will touch the level and it really touches it, then it`s your win. Simple as that. Also, the return percentage is usually close to 80 percent, which is very good.

Above/Below Option
Above/Below is the most widely spread and traded type nowadays. Same as with other option types you will have to predict how the value of an asset will change over time. More specifically, as the name implies, you have to predict if the value of the underlying asset will be higher or lower than a certain level by the time the option expires. (In case you`re not familiar with the expiration rate, we suggest that you read the article about it)
Let`s illustrate with an example. Let`s say you want to trade with Microsoft stock and you choose an expiration time of 30 minutes. All you need to do is decide whether you think the value of the Microsoft stock will be higher or lower than the target price in half an hour.


What tradable assets are there?
There are plenty of assets that can be traded online with UDOs. This article will help you gain a bit more understanding on the various asset types and what differentiates them from each other. Understanding the different asset types is vital for your trading.

Index based Binary Options
Indices are one of the most traded UDOs assets. What you need to do when trading with this type of asset is to determine if the price of a stock or share will increase or decrease its value within a certain time limit. There are plenty of stocks and shares to choose from as there are many available stock exchanges.

Currency and Forex options
Increasingly more traders are engaging in currency pair trades. Some are even using it as their main strategy for trading.

Commodity Assets 
Commodities are also a very widely traded asset. Like company stocks, the good thing about commodity UDOs trading is that you don`t need to purchase a kilo of gold in order to profit from its increased value in a month. You simply need to make a forecast about its future value.


Individual Stock Options
There are many who`ve turned UDOs stock trading into a secondary source of income, but some have even made it into a fulltime job. How great is that! Be mindful though that trading has its obstacles. There are many fluctuations and factors at play and only the prepared and patient traders make profit in the long-run. As we`ve mentioned a couple of times already, one of the great things about UDOs trading is that it lets you capitalize on the price movements of various assets and there is no need to actually own the asset.A big chunk of all the trading happening daily consists of trading with company stocks and shares.Most of them are big corporations such as Toyota, Google, Toshiba and Apple.


What is an “Expiration Rate”?
Strike price, expiry rate and expiration time are all very important terms and you should know what they mean. In a few words, expiration time is the ending time of the trade, when you learn if you won or lost. Expiry rate is the asset`s value when the expiration time comes. In other words, expiry rate can be referred to as the ending price of the asset.
However, this is not the same as the strike price, don`t get confused. The strike price is the price level of the asset at the time of starting the trade. If you choose “call”, the asset price needs to be above the strike price. If you choose “put” the asset price needs to stay below the strike price. The trade begins at the strike price and finishes at the expiry rate.
The known variables at the beginning of a trade are the strike price and of course the expiration time, because you`re the one choosing it. So what you need to do from there is decide whether the expiry rate will be above or below the strike price. As we mentioned in the beginning, these terms should be known to you.


What should I know about Charts?
Trading UDOs is very straightforward and easy to understand, but in order to actually be a good trader you need to dig a little deeper into analyzing trends and start educating yourself about the various types of price charts. Charts are great because they show you how the price of an asset has changed throughout time, in relation to various economic events. This in turn, helps you make better prognosis for future price movements. All these factors impact your trading and profitability in the long run, so pay close attention to them.
Different chart types stress on different points and each one has its up and downsides. You should decide which one suits your strategy and trading style best. Here are the three most widely used chart types.

Line Chart
This is what is considered to be the most standard chart. It consists of lines which connect the price levels from the different time periods. Usually a line chart is used for showing indicators that only have a single daily value.

Bar Chart
This type of chart shows the asset`s change in price for a given day by utilizing vertical placed bars. It shows the highest and lowest prices of the asset for the day. The starting price is shown by the left hand notch and the ending price is shown by the right hand notch.

Candlestick Chart
You can think of the candlestick chart as a more sophisticated bar chart. It shares similarities but it`s more detailed and gives a better visual overview of the price movement. You have the daily beginning value and the price movements which are portrayed in the following way:

  • a green rectangle showsa day with an upward trend
  • a red rectangle shows a day with a downward trend

The wick illustrates the range for the whole day, while the rectangle illustrates the overall range from the beginning. What most traders will do is use the candlestick chart for short periods, like one day. The great thing about this type of chart is its easiness of navigation.


Tips for trading 60 Second Options
There is a great possibility for profit in trading 60 second UDOs. As the name suggests, the only thing differentiating them from the way other binary options are traded is the shorter timeframe. There are even shorter timeframes like 30 seconds. In this article however, we`ll focus on what you should know about trading 60 second options and how to make the best use of them.
It`s recommended that you choose the asset based on the latest economic trends. If you think that there are some fluctuations in the Middle East, then that might be a good opportunity for trading with oil. Analyze the real time price charts and try to find a trend. Sometimes even checking older data might help you predict future movements. The great thing about 60 second options is that they let you profit from the numerous small fluctuations during the trading day. These possibilities will be lost with longer period options.
You don`t need a steady upward-going price line in order be profitable with 60 second options. It`s all about having the right timing. Try to recognize the patterns and trends in the price line and also anticipate global economic events. Take a look at somesmaller reports that might cause the price to drop just for a few minutes. All you need is a small window of opportunity in order to profit. It`s also possible to make a number of profitable 60 second trades by recognizing a long and steady upward or downward movement


Trading UDOs can be really lucrative and exciting. We hope that nowyou have at least a little better understanding on the matter and feel readyfor theadventure and earning money! In case you have any questions, please contact us and we`ll do all we can to help you! Good luck!

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